Love Local Boxes!

Eating Locally Year-Round Just Got Easier!

The Love Local Boxes subscriptions offer a variety of local products and meals chosen just for you every month! Signing up for the ‘Love Local Box’ program gives you monthly access to both local and Ontario grown produce and products. Each purchase provided 3 months of local boxes containing a variety of delicious and nutritious items to make 2-3 locally inspired meals for a family of 4.

For this subscription, we’ve partnered with Chef Mike Readman of Table 4U and Hunter’s Ridge, Chef Jay Barnard of Freshwater Cuisine, and Superior Seasons in Thunder Bay to bring you unique meals that showcase the local talent of our chefs and producers/ processors. Recipes will be included in each month’s box and the day after you receive your box, you can catch Chef Jay preparing his meal, created by him, live on his show Lake to Plate at 3pm Wednesdays, or on YouTube any time to follow.

To see a list of our past Love Local Box Subscription, visit our LLB page here. See below for list of meals and ingredients for you Winter/ Spring Love Local Box subscription.

Don’t live in Dryden but want to be able to participate in one of our external communities? Not to worry! Delivery of the boxes was scheduled for our regular hub week (the 3rd Tuesday of each month) so that our hub communities wouldn’t miss out on the program! You also could order a subscription from our hub communities any time utilizing our NEW Pre-Order function.

Not all of the items included in the boxes are available to members on our site, or are only available in limited quantities! This is your chance to guarantee your purchase of some amazing local products and at a great price! Enjoying local couldn’t be easier!

Thanks for loving local!


Winter/ Spring 2018 Box Meal Contents (subject to change)

We are working hard to co-ordinate with our many producers, so check back regularly for updates!


  1. Jay’s Pike Burgers with a homemade bun and sweet potato & beet salad, featuring:
  2. Mike Readman’s Locally Sourced Cassoulet, featuring:


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